When The Bathtub Overflows or Your Basement Looks Like an Indoor Swimming Pool, Call the Professionals

In life, water happens. Tubs overflow, sewers back up and violent storms send in the rain. When it does, you and your loved ones need an experienced crew to come to your home and begin the cleanup and drying process within hours of the flood. Left unchecked, mold and mildew can grow quickly causing further damage. Furniture, carpet and the structure of your home, can be replaced. Precious keepsakes and the time spent worrying and trying to recover from water damage, cannot. When water is pouring into your home where it shouldn’t, you need to call an expert that knows about water damage restoration atlanta, as soon as possible.

Occasionally, toilets and bathtubs overflow. In the busy routines of your day, you may forget that you have started a bath for the kids. Toilets get clogged and overflow. As soon as you realize you have a flooding problem, you need to shut off the water, or if there is electrical in the room, turn the electricity off first. A quick splash or minor overflow can be quickly wiped up with towels and a fan set into the room to dry it completely. However, if the water has seeped down through the flooring or the drywall has become wet, you need to call in a skilled team to quickly evaluate the situation. They can bring in water extractors, dehumidifiers and powerful fans to dry up the moisture, preventing further damage or mold.


Storm damage can devastate a home in a matter of minutes. Falling and flying debris can puncture holes in your homes exterior, creating an opening for the rain and weather to sneak inside. Flash flooding, can send water and contaminants into your basement. The unclean water contains bacteria and your home will become the perfect breeding place. Not only is this damaging to your home, but it can also compromise your health. Again, before you enter your basement to assess the damage, make sure the power supply has been turned off first. Once that has occurred and only if the area appears to be secure and structurally sound, you can begin the process of pulling out your belongings. You will want to get them to higher ground to start the drying and assessing process.

Once you have seen the damage, call a team that specializes in water damage atlanta. They can bring their experience and the equipment necessary to clear the water and halt the process of destruction. Damaged construction materials and anything waterlogged beyond recovery, will removed. Personal items that can be salvaged will be removed from the area, lowering their risk of damage. Monitors will be placed into the affected rooms, and the team will not stop until the humidity levels in the air return to normal.

Storms that bring flash flooding and damaging winds are frightening. The water damage they leave behind can be devastating. When the tub overflow, or your basement looks like an indoor swimming pool, call the professional.


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